Bitecon (April 2014)
Haley Webb and Felicia Terrell at their panel

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seriously guys add me on twitter (@kaymarielent) i’m super lonely over there !!!!!!!!!! also, completely unrelated: what the actual heck is up with derek hale why is he allowed im so mad

i don’t have near enough of you guys on twitter so gimme your twitter handles if we’re mutuals!!! mine is @kaymarielent, and it’s only private so my mom can’t stalk me ayyyyyy

I was driving on my way to Long Beach where we were filming [Allison’s death scene] and I couldn’t stop sobbing in the car. I’m like, really emotional so I had Florence + The Machine on. And I called him, I called Jeff and I said, ‘I don’t think I can let her go. I just don’t think I can do this. I can’t do this today.’ And he said, just gave me some really beautiful advice and he said, ‘You’re gonna do this. It’s going to be great and she is beautiful.’ And I’ll never forget that.

Crystal Reed on preparing for her last scene [x] (via wolfspirals)

pardon my french, but god fucking damn dude I fucking love you like srsly you're so wonderful, I love all your text post/posts especially your tags (I know that sometimes you get really nervous when you post lots of text posts and stuff, I for one enjoy the heck out of them, for whatever that counts) overall you're just wonderful and ugh I love you I'd hug you so hard you cutie pie I just really needed to tell you that for science and stuff okay bye stay awesome okay? p.s I LOVE YOU

WOWOWOWOW this is the cutest message oh my gosh like hi. both science and i thank you for sharing. but no seriously dude, this is adorable and i’m really humbled and just wow surprised anyone would think that and just like, i don’t even know how to respond except i totally appreciate you and this message and like wow. you totally made my day with this, and i thought my day had already been made by orny’s “you’re not hot enough to be this stupid” quote. like. just???? wow?????? i love you too, honeybunch !!!!!


Hipster Rapunzel I did for Sketch_dailies!